How I Individualize My Students Learning Using Edmentum’s Exact Path

During the 2016-2017 school year, my school had the opportunity to use a Beta version of Edmentum’s Individualized Learning Solutions, now called Exact Path.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

As teachers in the trenches daily, we know it is not easy to individualize learning for 20-30+ students. Making adaptions, accommodations, and modifications for each and every student, each and every day, is impossible if we want to have a life outside of our career. Nevertheless, we must find a way to meet the varying needs of our students. We cannot simply say to a family,

“Um yea, your child doesn’t know how to read or understand basic math operations, and neither do the other 25 students in my class. I have a life outside of work that involves being a wife, mother, sister, aunt, care taker, health food and fitness junkie, avid reader, and blogger, etc, etc, etc. I don’t have time to individualize learning for every student in my class on a daily basis. GTHOH!”

Harsh right? Regardless of how true this may be, the families we provide services for don’t really care about what we have going on in our personal lives. Nor should they. They care about their children, and they want to know that we are doing our best to keep them safe and help them learn. We chose this field because we wanted make a difference in the lives of children while helping them learn and become respectable citizens of the world.

Exact Path offers a solution to the lack of time you may have in your normal, and busy daily life and schedule. It allows you more time to be engaged with your students during your work day, as well as other things you love outside of work, including self-care. It “utilizes adaptive assessments and targeted learning paths aligned to your goals, paced to your students’ needs, and structured to give students control over their own educational journeys,” ( Yaasss!

In March, I wrote a blog post that was published on Edmentum’s site titled,                          “[Individualized Learning] Getting Started with Edmentum’s Exact Path and Overcoming Classroom Challenges.” In this post, I answer four questions to help teachers get started with Exact Path and how to overcome some common classroom challenges. The four questions were all questions I had when I was first introduced to the program last fall. They are:

  1. Why should I use Exact Path when we already have individualized learning programs?
  2. How would it benefit my teaching and my students’ learning?
  3. How easy is it to use for me and my students?
  4. When would my students be able to use it?

If you are interested in how Exact Path can work for you or teachers in your school or school district, check out this post. Additionally, a modified version of this post was featured as an advertisement in Education Week’s Spotlight where selected Education Week covers critical issues in education.

If you have experience working with Exact Path, we welcome your thoughts and ideas on this topic! Share with us what worked, and didn’t work so well in your classroom!

As we continue to grow and renew our passion for teaching, let’s find ways to enhance our teaching abilities and use technology to our advantage so we can motivate and encourage our students to continue learning and growing!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until then, Happy Teaching!

Krystal L. Smith, The Renewed Teacher

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