It’s Our Blogiversary


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This is a song…

Tomorrow will come and ya’ll I can’t wait it’s our anniversary,


The first thing I’ll do is post on the blog, it’s our anniversary,


It’s our anniversary, It’s our anniversary, anniversary
It’s our anniversary, It’s our anniversary, made for all teachers

And I’ve made some plans to renew the passions,
of many teachers, anniversary

The pleasure’s all mine ’cause I like to have a good time It’s our Anniversary,


The Renewed Teacher is dedicated at the end of the day
It’s our anniversary, Anniversary,

A tall glass of wine for teachers to drink it’s our anniversary

All I really want to say,
Is thank you,
Today is a special day,
To Celebrate,
I’ve written all these posts,
For you and me,
And you’ve commented, and you’ve followed me


Okay, yall! That’s the end of the song. This is Krystal L. Smith here, also known as the Renewed Teacher.

If you’re still listening, thank you for tuning in!

Many of you know me to be outgoing, and if you really know, you know I like making remixes, so hopefully you enjoyed this one. I just wanted to try something different for the blog, and this is what I came up with.

Speaking of the blog, on August 10, 2016, I launched The Renewed Teacher Blog and posted my first article titled, “How Teachers Can Renew their Passion,” where I share 5 tips on what teachers can do to up the ante if they’re feeling passionless about teaching. Tomorrow commemorates 1 year! Yay!

If you follow The Renewed Teacher blog, thank you so very much. If you’ve shared my posts on FB or on any social media outlet before I joined, and you continue to share, I appreciate you more than you know. If you’re a virgin to my blog, then it’s time to change that. If you’re not interested, that’s cool too!

When it all comes down it, my goal with this blog is to motivate, encourage, and inspire myself and teachers everywhere to stay committed to the field of education. And this is all so our students stay motivated, encouraged, and inspired to do great things with their lives!

So with that people, stay tuned for more posts and exciting new things from this blog in the next 2 weeks and throughout the year, as I will post short blurbs on what it means to be a R.E.N.E.W.E.D. T.E.A.C.H.E.R., and content based strategies to help our students effectively learn math! You’re going to want to see these!

Have a great day everyone, and as always, let’s continue to grow and learn together. I love feedback, comments, and conversations, so please be kind and share your thoughts!

Until next time, Happy Teaching!

5 thoughts on “It’s Our Blogiversary

  1. I am so excited and proud of you!!! Happy anniversary and I pray many years to come!!! I am terrible with keeping up with the latest blogs or post but know I am here cheering you on!!! To a successful future 🍾🍾🍾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Tanusia! I appreciate your time to listen to/read this blog post. It actually is really hard to keep up with everything so I get it! Thank you for all of your encouraging words and constant support!… That’s Martinelli, right!? 😂😂😂


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